Our Approach

We teach and contribute back to our community, and we take an ecosystem approach to doing this.

Through our internationally renowned learning and development expertise, and TAP Think collective impact and innovation approach we mobilise and Incentivise Communities worldwide.

We bring people together to lend their expertise, and blend it with their passion for collective impact and innovation to incentivise communities worldwide.

Our Story

It’s no secret that what our Training and Coaching teams have been delivering to communities worldwide for years now is nothing short of awesome. The problem we have had for the years leading up to the inception of TAP Think® is that we have been limited in how we can utilise what we know and do. The effect of this problem was that only the rich were getting richer in knowledge and those few who were charged with the responsibility of sharing it with everyone were also FEW. This registered another problem – money. Not everyone could afford the training we were able to provide. I fast became elitist. So, in the early days’ the founder, Lena Gray would sponsor a person or two every year in the hope that it would tackle and possibly solve the problem. While this was a nice gesture it didn’t solve the problem. In fact, it created yet another problem – lack of application or incentive to utilise the skill taught. What she found was that the recipients didn’t appreciate that which they didn’t have to work hard or pay for as much as those who experienced the sacrifice. Another problem also became obvious. The system was not one she could ask others to follow suit with. It was costly for the trainer to do it. It wasn’t even viable for her. So, it was still a problem begging for a solution.

Meet the Team

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Lena gray

Meet Founder & CEO Lena Gray. 


islam nabil

Lead Coach and Corporate Trainer:

lee griessel

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MOHD Fauszi nordin

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