Applied Self Leadership (Module 1)

Self-Leadership is at the heart of Self Mastery and therefore it is at the heart of self-care, respect for others, a winning mindset, and good leadership in general. Over 3 days you will be guided through the theory & principles of Applied Self-Leadership and be provided with proven formulas on HOW to lead yourself in all situations, and in any context of Life.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Company Leaders, Managers, Team leaders
  • Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Counselors
  • Those of you who wish to develop your ability to lead out in your own life, and stay motivated as you go through change.

Why this training?

To be truly exceptional at leading, teaching, coaching, guiding, parenting, or supporting others we must first be able to lead ourselves. This is only possible by understanding how we think and how we do what we do. Self-Leadership presents to you the most critical components of how to think effectively, make your emotions work for you, flourish in change, motivate yourself and others, have certainty about your decisions and ultimately your future, and HOW to apply to yourself as you move towards effectively leading others. So, in addition to learning and applying these critical components…

  • Are you willing to step up to the plate and take charge of yourself and your life?
  • Do you want to develop yourself personally and/or professionally?
  • Do you want to develop as a leader?
  • Do you want to achieve more satisfying results in your life and be more purposeful about that?
  • Are you curious to learn HOW you can design engineer your life?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then this is the training for you. Through this training, you have the opportunity to really discover your latent potential and receive the full benefits of being more self-assured, passionate, motivated, directed, relatable, and much more.

Your Trainers

Lena Gray is an internationally certified Master trainer and coach in Applied Neuro-Synergy, Neuro-Semantics, and NLP and is one of New Zealand’s foremost trainers in the field of Cognitive Behavioural Sciences and Applied Social Cognitive Neuroscience. Lena is committed to training and coaching people across a diverse spectrum to realise their Potential, Ignite their performance, and achieve what is regarded as Peak Performance.

Kevin Swannell is a Facilitator in Neuro-Synergy. From a Structural Engineering background to human design engineering, he joins Lena as her co-trainer and in his own right brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for enabling others to be and live life at their best.

Together Lena and Kevin are a formidable team who are committed to, bringing memorable life-changing value to their students and audiences alike.

Neuro-Synergy Professional Pathway and certification Programs

After these 3 days, you will be certified in the Neuro-Synergy (NS) model by the Global  Association of Applied Neuro-Synergy” (GAANS) and the Institute of Applied Neuro-Synergy New Zealand (ANSNZ). This certification opens the door for you to develop yourself further in Applied NS and progress onto the Applied NS & NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Applied NS Trainer Pathway (ANSTT), and/or onto the Neuro-Synergy Coach Accreditation Pathway (NSCA) under the auspices of the Global Association of Applied Neuro-Synergy and Tap Think®

For more information about the Professional pathways training please feel free to email [email protected] or call her on 027 4774 561.

Nb. This certification training is also Module 1 in the Neuro-Synergy Coach Accreditation Pathway. As such, this pathway is highly recommended for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the help profession, Learning and Development, Professional or Personal Coaching, or others who would benefit from gaining qualifications from across multiple Neuro-knowlegdes, and those who also value staying current with leading-edge information to make a noted difference in peoples lives.


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Applied Self Leadership
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