The TAP Think academic pathways are divided into 4 key areas:

Neuro Synergy Coaching: The NS Coach Professional pathway currently has 5 programs that have both independent and collective value. Together they provide you with 3 Neuro Synergy coach license levels. The first level is that of Neuro Synergy Coach Licence (NSCL). This license is gained by successfully completing programs Modules 1, 2 and 3. The next level is the Professional Lead Coach Licence (PLC) which is achieved by gaining LCL and also completing the TAP Point Practitioner from the Total Actualisation Psychology pathway. The third level is the Master Lead Coach Licence (MTLC). This level is achieved by completing (PTLC), the TAP Metrics training from the Corporate pathway, the Group and Team Coach Training  (GTLC), and complete 200 hours of paid coaching, and 200 hours of verified voluntary coaching.

Lead Training: The Training pathway has 5 programs for the learning and development of help professionals or corporate trainers. The pathway to becoming a TAP Think Trainer requires that you complete programs TAP 1 and TAP 2. Beyond your Lead Trainer Training, you will be able to deliver any training that you have attended and received certification in. As a licensed Lead Trainer you will have access to manuals and delivery slides to assist your

Total Actualisation Psychology: This professional pathway consists of 2 pieces of training that see you through to your Total Actualisation Diploma. The TAP POINT Theory followed by TAP POINT Practice.

Corporate Training: We have a wide range of Corporate Training available. These trainings are available for all to attend. As a Neuro Synergy Trainer or Coach, and Leaders alike these add to and strengthen your business toolbox.