Formed and Developed in 2017 by Lena Gray – The Total Actualisation Psychology brings scientifically grounded learnings to the foreground to shape the way in which our social institutions are influenced and designed, and in turn how they influence us. Lena has put the complexities of everyday life in front of a TAP lens to create models and systems that ensure we live according to our synergistic whole mind-body design as opposed to convoluted a-scientific models that have long dictated social institutions and governed all of our thoughts about what is right or wrong, good or bad.

With TAP we can now conversationally help someone to understand, embrace, grow from, and even celebrate their human fallibility. Whether you Lead, consult, train, mentor, or coach others – TAP (Total Actualisation Psychology) Point provides you with the tools to deal with the whole person like no other tool available to you.

Tap Point provides you with the understanding of how to tap into logic through the illogic, and find the rationale within the irrationality. Instead of dodging the tough conversations we can now have them and eliminate reframing, or getting a person to cancel out one thought for another, or sweep the negative under the carpet to deal with it temporarily. Now you can truly work with what people give you and not what a model or system says you have to gather from them in order to help them.

The total actualisation training system ensures that you have pointed conversations that get to the point and that people are able to point the way in their own lives with all of their resources intact.

The 5-Day Tap Point Practitioner Training is the foundational training that introduces the Total Actualisation Psychology and the Total Actualisation Facilitation Model. As the foundation, it guides and supports the development of all TAP Think® Training and Training pathways.