“I Have worked with Lena since 2013 and have experienced her as both a trainer and a coach. Lena is a gifted trainer who puts a lot of thinking around how she delivers the content of her training. Training with her is not just getting new knowledge, but you also enjoy the journey of getting to your goal. She epitomises the best example of what a Trainer should be and more. Her training sessions are full of energy, laughter, and movements as she ensures carefully that whatever you learn you ultimately embody in your neurology. This enables you to remember the content, and the experience is left in your memory long after the training.  If you are looking for learning full of fun at the same time experience personal transformation, join Lena in one of her training sessions. It will be the best investment you will have made for your personal development and growth”.

Gloria Mbokota

Managing Director

Mindlib Leadership Solutions. (South Africa)