Once you have completed your Applied Neuro-Synergy Trainer’s training, with its rigorous standards, you’ll leave with an increased level of skill and knowledge to go out into the world and begin your journey of presenting Neuro-Synergy and NLP to the world.

By Design, you will become a world-class trainer of the highest caliber trainers of such quality that we set the pace for producing the most competent, congruent, and ethical trainers in the field of Neuro-Synergy and NLP or your specialist area. You will develope the skills required to provide training and coaching in numerous skill sets including platform skills, keynoting, training, business, and leadership skills. And, shape your ability to access your very best trainer mindset for training design and deliver them with elegance.

This training ensures you are well-grounded in your understanding of the history and background of Neuro Synergy and NLP, and in turn, be groomed to become leaders in your own right both locally and internationally with the Brand of Neuro-Synergy as you lead out with leading-edge models in people potential and performance.

What makes Applied Neuro-Synergy Trainers Training so special and unique?

Without question, there’s no training of trainers in the field of NLP like the Neuro-Synergy Trainers Training. It stands out head-and-shoulders above the rest for several reasons:

Neuro-Synergy has and takes NLP to a new level of professionalism in models and ethics. It does this via the use of the Neuro Synergy model that models the human consciousness – predictive consciousness. This has enabled Neuro-Synergy to model and replicate more complex experiences.

Because Neuro-Synergy is a model of synergy, apply to self is built into the model thereby enabling Neuro-Synergists to integrate the premises and practices of Total Actualisation more fully into ourselves. This creates more congruency and personal integrity.

Neuro-Synergy involves many new models beyond Meta-States: Frame Train, Matrix Model, The Change Game, Total-Actualisation Point, Whole-Performance, etc.

Neuro-Synergy not only involves some new models, but also a community that provides ongoing support for trainers and coaches. As such, the GAANS— The Global Association of Neuro Synergy provides international credibility and community.

As a certified Neuro-Synergy and NLP Trainer, you will be listed on the international website, have access to dozens of Training Manuals, promotional materials, and be invited to a special working group just for Trainers, and much more.

The Trainers Training Program of Applied NSTT

Participation in the ANSTT is by invitation only. To come to the training, there is an application which includes being recommended by a Neuro-Synergy Trainer. When people are trained and certified in Neuro Synergy by a certified Neuro-Synergy Trainer, they can then talk to that Trainer about recommending him or her for Applied NSTT.

Prerequisites for attending include either NSNLP Practitioner and NSNLP Master Practitioner, or 7 days of Neuro Synergy training (ASL and ACF), or have complete the Total Actualisation Psychology Diploma. To be eligible for NSTT you have to have been introduced to the Neuro Synergy Model and have experienced its revolutionary effects.

Within Applied NSTT there are four training pillars:

Platform Skills training. Your first 3 days focus on you becoming skilled and effective as a presenter.  The training introduces the key skills that empower every effective public speaker. We have benchmarked these skills so that a person can identify where he or she is on the scale of competency, and what skills he or she needs to add, or subtract, or take to the next level. These are the skills that make you an engaging speaker who commands the stage and works with an audience for the audience. (Days 1-3).

Training Skills training. Next are three more days of the skills that make a person effectively competent in training. Training skills differ significantly from presentation skills. These are the skills that enable you to work effectively with adult learners enabling them to gain the theoretical knowledge necessary for the How-to knowledge of implementation. Many public speakers are charismatic, even magical, but cannot transfer data so that it informs the minds, hearts, and actions of people. (Days 4-6)

Neuro-Synergy Insights. Since a Neuro-Synergy Trainer first and foremost is sent out to train and certify ASL (Applied Self Leadership), we present ASL training inside the Trainers Training and look at the psychology of ASL while having the opportunity to benchmark seasoned trainers who will be delivering the modules.

Business Skills. As a trainer, you will be or already are in business or a business (public and/or private). So, business and entrepreneur skills for running a training business, administrating it, marketing, selling, and so on a required. Three days are devoted to empowering Trainers by sharing the ins-and-outs of the Training business, and the business of Neuro-Synergy.

Benchmarked Presentations: As a participant in the Applied NSTT training, you will be asked to make 7 presentations and to be benchmarked on your Presentation and Training skills as well as your content knowledge of Neuro-Semantics and NLP.

There will be one presentation of the content of one of the ASL formulas. There will be a demonstration of theory knowledge, the How-to formula,  handling of questions, and affect induction. These will be evaluated and benchmarked by the Trainers and a 2.5 on the 0-to-5 benchmark scale will have to be reached in order to be certified. Those who do not reach competency level will be given specific feedback and action tasks in order to get up to competency. In this, You cannot “fail,”

Certification: When you meet the benchmarked competencies of the Training, you will be able to graduate and receive the Credentials as a Licensed Neuro-Synergy and NLP Trainer under the auspices of the Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy. GAANS is structured to protect our shared Vision and ethics. You will be signing an Agreement as a Licensed Trainer and a Conflict Resolution Agreement. All of this is part of the ‘apply to self’ principle and a reflection of the Professionalism that we are committed to demonstrating.

There are three levels for Neuro-Synergy Trainers:

1) Trainers with Centers. As a Certified Trainer, you have the opportunity to create a Center of Neuro-Synergy.

2) Trainers who Certify with GAANS Certificates. You also have the right to train and certify participants, giving out GAANS Certificates that are recognised internationally.

3) Trainers who aren’t certifying. If you work within an organisation where it is the training content,  adapting material as needed, but not giving GAANS Certificates.

Professional Pathway Training: As a Certified Neuro-Synergy Trainer you also have access to other GAANS Professional Pathway Trainings. We have a vast collection of these trainings. You have the right to train and certify any GAANS professional pathway training that you have attended,  If you have specialised training and knowledge in a given area (leadership, strategic planning, health, etc.) you may be exempt from having to experience the training as you consult with Lena Gray. With the Professional Trainings, you have access to the training manuals, other training resources, mentoring, marketing material, and so on.

The Professional Pathway training collection includes Tough Conversations, Total Actualisation Psychology,  Becoming a Pack Leader (Social Brain Leadership series), The Art of Facilitation, Mind Sentences Freed (Mindset Programs), Five minutes of Frame, Change Gears (Thriving in Change), Decisions with Confidence. Time Mastery, Modelling High Performance, The World as it is (Applied Perceptual Positioning),  Also included are the Critical Thinking series, Emotional Mastery series, Customer Service Series, and many, many more.

Benefits and Values of Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training
  • Access your best Mindsets for becoming an engaging and charismatic presenter
  • Learn to regulate your Trainer Mindset
  • Learn to exquisitely use your voice, body, and space on stage
  • Access and operate from a place of  un-insult-ability
  • Discover how to texture your presentation state with humor, charm, and persuasiveness
  • Recognize and pace the learning styles (and mindset-programs) in your audience
  • Learn the art of training design and sequencing
  • Practice handling “difficult people” (hecklers) in a speaking or training context
  • Become a part of the Global Neuro-Synergy community
  • Model master trainers in Neuro-Synergy
  • Receive personal attention from the developer and founder, Lena Gray
  • Be benchmarked on your skills in order to know your competencies
  • Receive an international certification and Licencing and be commissioned to teach and certify Applied NSNLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, ASL and other Applied Neuro-Synergy Trainings
  • Become a part of a global community
  • Discover how to transcend yourself as a presenter and trainer with all of the resources you’ll need for creating a successful business
How to Prepare for this Presenter, Trainer, and Entrepreneur Emersion

We have designed the days of Applied NSTT to be packed with learnings and activities and we have made the days intense. The design is to put each participant under pressure to not only see how you handle stress, but to empower you in handling stress—to navigate your narrative under pressure. With the benchmarking, the testing of content knowledge, the demand of seven presentations, the content of seven trainings (presentation, training, ASL, and business skills), meeting and working with those who will be your colleagues in teams — Applied NSTT is a very rigorous and full experience.

What can you do to get ready for it?

Study some introductions to Applied NS and NLP to refresh and renew your knowledge of ANS/NLP .

Study and practice the NS formula 1 model.  Find a partner and go through various formulas from ASL.

Join or create a Practice Group to discuss the psychology of ASL

How to Apply for NSTT

First and foremost talk to the Trainer who introduced you to this field and ask for a letter of recommendation. Engage the trainer in a conversation about whether he or she believes you are ready.

Second, fill out the Application Form and send it in. Begin to plan for the financial investment and mark out the dates on your schedule for the Applied NSTT 2021 in NZ.

To obtain your Registration and Application pack contact us Now! [email protected]

Phone: 64 27 4774 561