These 4 days introduce the Neuro-synergy (NS) model, the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Communication model, where you will learn calibration skills, sensory awareness, representational tracking, language precision, and how to “read” people’s unique inner worlds in order to facilitate transformations to unleash more rewarding performance in the lives of others.

Our primary goal in Coaching Fundamentals is to learn the Applied Neuro-Neuro-Synergy/NLP Communication Model and fundamentals for running our own brain. This is the first model that a participant must learn and know for becoming a Neuro Synergy Coach (NSCA).

The purpose of this is to take charge of our own experiences and to manage our own states and mindsets so that we begin from a most resourceful place, and then work with others to facilitate higher levels of performance through skillful and powerful coaching conversations.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Organisational leaders, Managers, Team leaders.
  • Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Practitioners, Social Workers, Supervisors, Community Workers, Youth Workers,
  • You who want to develop your ability to coach others in an empowering and meaningful way
  • Anyone who wants to develop and grow their communication skills so that their discussions and conversation are powerful and meaningful.

The benefits of this training

To delve into the core ingredients of communication excellence to develop high-quality listening skills, awareness skills, and “presence” skills in order to truly support another person is in the coaching relationship. To explore the basic structure and process of questioning, precision questioning, and solution-oriented questioning, to explore how to use words for mapping out our sense of the world, the movies that we play in our mind, and to send messages to our bodies about how to feel those meanings and to explore how to work with our mindsets and the mindsets of another.

Included is

  • 32 hours of learning with the world most experienced Neuro Synergy, Neuro-Semantic, and NLP Master trainer Lena Gray
  • A 130 page Coaching Essentials training manual.
  • Certification in Coaching Genius a prerequisite for The Neuro-Synergy Lead Coach Certification Training
  • Certification in the Neuro Synergy Model, Mindset Programs which is the cutting edge in the area of Total-Actualising psychology. (TAP)

Your Investment

Four full days including coffee and tea & light refreshments during morning and afternoon tea break all for only $1495 per person.

Group Discount: A 10% discount for 2 or more people attending.

Larger Discounts: available for groups of 5 or more attending please contact [email protected] for more details.